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Minnesota Journalism Center

The Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the U of Minnesota's Minnesota Journalism Center is a center promoting innovation and interaction between media professionals and the academy, and serve as the outreach arm of the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Since summer 2017, I have been Director of the center. We have been hosting high impact events and workshops in collaboration with local, national and international partners as well as faculty members, practitioners, students and the larger public. We have been publishing a monthly article showcasing accessible academic research in the fields of media. Among many other things, we are currently developing a tricks of the trade section for professionals and the larger public on our website (we'll have a new one soon!). Let me know if you want to me added to our monthly newsletter or want to be involved with our community! More about what we do is available here.

Yale Information Society Project

Prior to joining the University of Minnesota, I was Executive Director and Research Scholar at the Yale Information Society Project where I continue to be an affiliated fellow. The Center supports a community of interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners who explore issues at the intersection of law, technology, and society. Outputs range from academic and wider public publications, conferences and workshops, international partnerships, and fellowships, to name a few.

Press & Public Presentations 

I can talk/chat about journalism, innovation, social media and apps, user participation, etc. You can DM me on Twitter. You can also email me at vbg [at] umn [dot] edu. 

Op-ed & Web Articles

Throughout my years in academia, I have also made concerted efforts to make my research comprehensible for wider publics outside of academia. For the past three years, I have written for Nieman Journalism Lab on annual predictions for journalists. I also contributed a few times for Nieman writing about social media in journalism. I have also written for outlets and organizations including the Columbia Journalism Review, the BBCTow CenterThe Huffington Post, and Medium.

Tricks of the Trade

If you know me well, you’ll learn that I love organization and learning how to make academic work fun and efficient. In academia, sometimes it feels like our work does not have an end. We can work around the clock and feel like there is still so much more to do. I've been doing talks at conferences on how to make your life easier as a young scholar by demystifying some of the work academics do. Some of these talks geared towards grad students include how to use social media, best practices in publishing (still learning btw), how to organize yourself, and more.

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