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Academic resources

I am always happy to direct you to good resources in our field. Email me and I can share my syllabi (digital media and culture, media management, digital theories, qualitative methods and so on), book/grant proposals if needed. I also can share books on "how to" that I have read along the way.

This document outlines my philosophy on academic advising, your obligations and entitlements as my student, and my preferences about communication.

Stephen Reese helps you understand some of the mechanisms on how to organize a good idea into an academic paper.

Academics get tons of requests for those and this would help you understand what you need. The first question "how well do I know you?" is key here! Thanks to Katy Pearce.

When reading theory, you have to think about a lot of things, including historical context. This resource from Nikki Usher is helpful for you to do exactly that.

This is pure gold, thanks to Nikki Usher.

I am also happy to share my experiences. But Nikki Usher list is exhaustive.

A collection of tips.

Great recommendations from Phil Howard.

This is a little older but emerged from conversations and presentations I made through the years.

Productivity is not always good and this resource from Stephen Reese helps you think through it.

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